Exciting renovation project for this Camden Pub

July 17, 2023

We've just submitted our planning application to the London Borough of Camden for an exciting project, the extensive renovation and remodelling of a Victorian public house in the Kings Cross area of North London.

The existing building has a tired appearance and seems out of sync with the local Architectural style and urban grain. Modern alterations have diluted the grandeur one would expect to see in a prominent corner Victorian Public House. 

Its development represents an opportunity to reinstate some urban and Architectural design principles to this prominent location, and create exactly the kind of mixed-use development so urgently needed in our towns and cities.

Currently the pub occupies the basement and ground floor, while the upper two floors operate as a hotel. Broadly, the plans we have created for our client involve the remodelling of the internal arrangement to add another floor within the existing envelope, with an additional mansard roof extension. The pub will remain as a business, and the upper floors will house seven apartments with facilities including shared amenity space, bike storage and an 8-person lift for accessibility. Our designs have been careful to ensure every apartment allows daylight to enter from different sides to create bright, liveable spaces, particularly on the fourth floor. 

Our detailed designs for the glazing, columns with ornamented capitals, and window casings will reimagine the Victorian splendour. They settle the building back into harmony with its surroundings and reassert its identity as a public house and dwelling, with materials and colours chosen from a local palette.

It's been a challenge to accommodate and balance the needs of our client with those of the local authority and community, and we believe we have succeeded in doing so with these plans that will enhance the area both in terms of the built environment, urban design, and benefit to the community.