The Hop Exchange to be our first home!

August 1, 2021

T2S Architecture Ltd are delighted to confirm that they have agreed terms to move into their first home in the beautiful Hope Exchange in the London Bridge area.

The Hop Exchange is a Grade II listed building situated in the heart of London Bridge with history dating back to 1867. It is one of eleven exchange buildings in London, with only two currently standing. The Hop Exchange was the focus for the raw materials of the Brewing Industry which found its seat in Bankside from the early 1800’s.  Being fully constructed in 1867 to have eleven stores, the property had a short life as a trading floor bringing stock from Kent by rail and river.  Falling into dis-use from the early 1900’s, the property was subject to a fire whilst un-insured in 1921. The damage caused by the fire meant the building now stands at half its original height and has lost its former gallery roof which was a model normally seen in Victorian stations.

The building is operated and owned by the Peer Group.