Sulivan Road

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

The works involved the refurbishment and extension of an existing building in Fulham; adjacent to the Hurlingham club and within close proximity to the Thames. 14 apartments were created, with additional commercial space to the rear, whilst the existing Commercial tenant, and top floor residential tenants, continued to operate and reside in the building. The resultant facade works are a striking Architectural solution to a highly constrained but sought after property.

The existing building was a tired example of typical 1960's architecture, with an exposed concrete frame and large ribbon windows. Removal of the existing facade, to expose the concrete frame, provided an opportunity to create a sense of depth associated with quality and luxury.

Large windows, free of mullions, accentuate this luxurious quality. Purge ventilation and mechanical ventilation is hidden within a louvered panel to the side of each window, detailed in white to match the rendered finish. A glass balustrade, with a white fritting detail, is provided to help extend the language of the 1st and 2nd floor. This simplifies the diagram by giving emphasise to the whte box architectural language.

Retaining the concrete frame freed the facade of all structural performance. The angles and banding are used to hide the concrete, with the inner walls angled inwards to create the sense of depth. Drainage is taken vertically through the facade, to avoid the existing Commercial space on the ground floor.