Avenue Heights

Crouch End, London Borough of Haringey

The project brief was to extend a existing linear residential block on the edge of Crouch End, North London. As the design developed, the client extended the works to demolish and rebuild the linear block to improve the quality of the apartments whilst maintaining the contemporary architectural style.

Planning was achieved at Avenue Heights first time, in 2018, for an annex to an existing 1960's tower in Crouch End, North London. The annex was a 5 storey building, which replaced an existing 2 storey annex which was deemed structural unstable. This created 17 new apartments, replacing the 8 that existed within the original annex.

3-d visuals were created to show the works in a diagrammatic fashion. At this stage, it was decided that the original annex volume should be represented in the design, with the additional mass treated in a different way to stay truthful to the proposals.

The replacement annex was to pay homage to the original 1960's modernist Architectural style, with its rendered form, strong geometry and sweeping horizontal lines. The extension is treated as an opposite - using black cladding and vertical treatments.

The rendered base was given some embelishment's using recessed details and louvered panels, in between the windows, used for discharging MEP equipment. This also helped to distinguish between the ground floor and first floor. A stylised canopy is created, inspired by the era, to highlight the entrance and to give a sense of grandeur and opulence.

On second floor, we created an external corridor, running along the front elevation, which helps to create two distinctive volumes. This avoids any clumsy clash of detailing between the two architectural styles.

The upper floors are detailed in a distinctly different way to further emphasise the different styles. Here, dark cladding is used with vertical fins against a 675mm grid. The windows are also vertical in nature, set against the more horizontal geometry of the base.

Where the base is read as solid, corner windows on the upper floors create a transparent 'lightness' whilst also increasing the quality of view internally. This connects the interior of the apartments with the beautiful and leafy surroundings of this famous London suburb.