St John's Well Lane

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

This was T2S' first formal engagement and represents our successful commercial relationship with the developer Klara Homes. T2S inherited a planning consent achieved by another architect, involving the demolition, refurbishment and extension of an existing building to create 4 high qulity residential dwellings. We were tasked with making some improvements and refinements to the planning consent to improve the architectural quality of the scheme - and then deliver this on-site. Works are due to complete late 2022. We look forward to sharing the completed works with you in due course.

This project is a great example of expressing T2S' core values. We are passionate about retaining buildings to reinvigorate their lifespan - both from a historic/conservation and sustainability perspective.

There is a logic in making buildings more efficient as generally already benefit from the existing urban amenities. In this instance, the site is within close proximity to Berkhamsted town centre for shopping and other leisure activities. The railway station is a brief 5/10 minute walk, offering access to London in approximately 30/45 minutes.

We love how the Architectural design retains the character of the existing - whilst offering a modern contemporary annex. This creates a sense of visual honesty presenting a clear definition of the old and the new.

The interiors are finished to a high standard befitting of the beautiful surroundings. When T2S was appointed, planning had been granted but we wanted to refine the design slightly to give it a more luxurious edge.

This is expressed within the new build phase living rooms where large floor to ceiling windows have been created, providing a sense of luxury and grandeur not found in rooms with smaller, less proportioned openings.

The interiors within the refurbished phase of the development are finished in a Victorian style expressed with the dark timber colouring and the brass bathroom finishes.

Interest is provided with the exposed pitched roof which creates angular geometry and a sense of granduer.

Ornate window details and Victorian radiators further emphasise the sense of historic character which compliments the Edwardian terrace along the High Street.