London Borough of Barnet

Our brief was to create an apartment building within this constrained site in suburban North London. Whilst the building accommodates seven residential units, the design needed to appear as a singular detached dwelling, in keeping with the local urban grain. The original planning application was refused, with the decision retained at commitee. An amended planning application was subsequently submitted, responding to the final queries, and consented in June 2022. T2S believes this is an example our our perseverance and ability to respond directly to concerns in a decisive manner.

T2S completed in depth site analysis in order to understand the site constraints and the the Architectural language. We discovered that this area is typical of the outer London character, where large detached buildings, which are invariably residential, are dotted in a surburban grain. It is common for these buildings to feature a slightly diluted version of the Arts and Crafts style, where strong gabled frontages are emphasised using timber or brickwork detailing. This formed the basis of the Architectural style which inspired the design, both in terms of the massing to the detailing.

The design becomes more sculptered to the rear, in direct response to the surrounding buildings. Habitable rooms, on both flanking boundaries, look towards the site, and therefore the building must react accordingly. A lower ground lightwell is created, to facilitate the residential spaces, in recognition of the change in level between the front and rear boundaries. This is hidden with foliage and an opaque screen, whilst also creates a sense f privacy which was a particularly contencious issue with the planing officers.