This site is situated on the edge of Newquay, directly opposite the coatline, representing an amazing oppurtunity to create a building of Architectural merit in a stunning natural environment. A hotel currently exists on the site, with the proposals to demolish and replace with 70 private and affordable residential apartments.

To reflect the local coastal environment, it was decided to create a clean white mass using cladding to prevent degredation in tough marine conditions.

Recessed balconies were provided to move principle windows further away from the adjacent buildings. Fritting was added to the glass to distort views further. Secondary windows from bedrooms were directed into the balconies to increase the daylight and ensure privacy.

The site was narrow and deep, with the shortest axis orientated towards the coastline.

The client wanted each apartment to enjoy a coastal view. Due to the proximity of the adjacent buidlings running along the long axis, an angular geometry was proposed which allowed each apartment to orient away from the surrounding buildings towards the beach.

To encourage the horizontal language inherent with a building of this nature, the angular geometry shifts from floor to floor on this axis.