Erskine Mews

Primrose Hill, London Borough of Camden

This site sits within the beautiful Primrose Hill area of North London, and features a collection of five 1960's style houses built against a central corridor in a Mews configuration. The intenton is to construct a series of roof extensions which will allow the residents and families to grow into their homes, whilst ensuring a sense of privacy and amenity in this dense London urban typology.

Privacy was an important aspect of the design, both from the perspective of the surrounding neighbours and the Mews residents.

On this basis windows are used sparingly, to retain a sense of privacy whilst ensuring the high quality level of daylight internally. Using the angled roof planes, the windows are recessed as far back as possible with the deep reveals helping to limit views from an oblique angle.

Balconies are created which are fully glazed, however the balconies themselves are screened to create privacy.

The roof has been further emphasised using a pitched green roof /sedum system. This device helps to soften the roofs impact on the surrounding properties and increase the ecological value of the development.

The site sits within a dense London urban typology with numerous properties looking inwards towards the central mews. Any proposal had to confront this sense of overlooking and privacy in a sensitive manner.

On this basis the design developed into a series of objects which were angled on all faces to ensure that the proposed massing was subservient and helped to reduce its impact on the surroundings.

Each house has its own extension, which were formed using 'V' valleys. This device mirrored the angled geometry of the outer faces, but also allowed views through the development from the surrounding properties.